Website Design Guide Part I

You need CSS skills of high quality if you want to change a page. Beginners of CSS can utilize them. For advanced training, you need to go through CSS Resource Guide. You can find web design firm in Houston to help you great a professional website for your business.

Web Design Basics

You can learn HTML and CSS from e-book. You can buy them online. This e-book contains topics like first web page building technique, something about HTML, brief introduction of CSS, box model, placing the content, typography in web design, how to use backgrounds and gradients, how to create lists, how to add pictures and videos, how to create forms, how to categorize data with tables and finally, the technique of writing the best code.

You can use Treehouse for learning HTML and CSS online. This portal named Treehouse provides you comprehensive knowledge on web design. In CSS, all the elements have a default display. You can create dropdown menu using HTML and CSS. The default display in CSS is a block or inline. There is a block level and an inline element.

The basic difference between html and css are html defines the content and how it will be launched online. CSS will take care of appearance of web page.

CSS is cascading style sheet. It was started on December 17, 1996. It is a style sheet language. The filename extension is.css. It was developed by HakonWium Lie, Bert Bros, and World Wide Web Consortium. You can structure the layout of text. HTML and CSS standards are maintained by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The HTML was started by Tim Berners-Lee. He was a contractor at CERN. A document on HTML tags was published in 1991. It consisted of 18 elements.

You could download the HTML and CSS sample files. CSS file can be uploaded in your web server. It is for those working on web.

The web designers created web designs for mobile phones. They created layouts for devices. 12-column division is now a part of modern web design.The general elements e.g. forms, navigation, buttons were designed in an easy way. The web design of website and an app are nearly the same.

The HTML is written in text format. The tags are also known as elements. When you start writing a line, you insert the opening tag.

You will gain a total copyright of your graphics. You will release your CSS at Creative Commons.

Web design involves a lot of coding. There are a lot of techniques. There are many possibilities to solve a simple issue related to design. The history of web design goes back to 1989 and it is marked as the dark age. Initially web design was an obscure subject. The screens were black. There were few monochrome pixels. Symbols and tabulation helped in web design. Initially Graphic User Interface was the main mode of web surfing. Then from 1995 tables began to be used in web design. Web design started with web browsers. In HTML, the option used to model information was the tables. Tables were inserted within tables. The web designer figured out techniques to mix fluid and static cells. David Siegel wrote a book on web design named 'Creating Killer Sites.' The primary aim of table was used to structure numbers. This was a general way of web design for a significant amount of time. Slicing designs came into vogue. There was an artificial layout. It was up to web designers who chalked out the best way of web design. Tables were aligned vertically. This design was made in percentages or pixels.

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