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GoPro HD cameras are used to withstand the violent crashes in different sport. This camera is enclosed deep in a shatterproof polycarbonate housing and it will be protected for strong use. These devices are waterproof down to 30m. All the padded protection is obtainable to ensure of correct functioning of the dslr camera through the entire ride.

The GoPro HD Hero cameras were made to bear probably the most fanatical sport activities in addition to still being budget-friendly to an average customer. These cameras can be applied in almost any sport and can be easily attached to surfboats, helmets, handle bars or the rest you'd like. The latest addition to this particular series is the GoPro HD Helmet Hero.

Basic Specifications General: 5mp camera Both capture modes available: Solo shot and an attempt at each 2, 5, 10, 30 and 60 seconds. In addition it features a self-timer.

The GoPro HD Hero camera features a long battery life. According to the conditions that the camera is utilized, it can offer you battery life all the way to 2 hours. The newest rechargeable lithium ion batteries enhance its edge over the older versions that required AA batteries. Furthermore, its SD card slot provides space to possess a storage device of up to 64GB for extensive recordings.

GoPro HD features an array of mounting possibilities. The angle of camera is also as significant as the quality of images. That is provided by GoPro HD Hero cameras. The merchandise is furnished with a large selection of attachments for almost any form of mounting. The adhesive pads provide you with high grip and stable attachment to almost any smooth and dry surface. The item furthermore comes along with suction cups that offer the way in which to mount the dslr camera to the glass and plastic surfaces including windshields and helmets. Yet one more helmet mount that's provided all around the box this is usually a lace-through strap, that could mount the dslr camera onto vented helmets.

Grind - GoPro of the World Line of the Winter Contest
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