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Now, are all motorcycle wheels the same?

Are you really the best rider you can be? If you have a sneaking suspicion you canât answer that with a resounding âyesâ, consider taking an advanced rider training course.

4) Approaching a bend? Slow down when coming into it and accelerate when coming out â but stay within the speed limit!

A motorcycle is one of the most prized possessions owned by a man or woman. There are quite a number of different types of motorcycles on the market; however, there are only two major types of motorcycle wheels. Before we focus on the type of motorcycle wheels, let us remember that, you cannot focus on the wheels of a motorcycle without looking at the rims that they are made from. The rims, in essence are the most important part of the wheels because the tires that go over the rims, while they are important for quality and durability, they are not as talked about as the rims. However, what is so special about motorcycle wheels thatâs worth mentioning. They are all the same shape and they can only do one thing and that is to go round and round. Like the circle, they are simple and all motorcycle wheels are the same, right?

The motorcycle is an important asset as it is a costly investment. It is therefore important to ensure that all the parts are in good shape at all times. This includes the tyres. Motorcycle tyres need to be in good shape at all times as they have several heavy duties. First of all, they are meant to support the motorcycle when it is parked and leaning on its side and when the rider is on it. The tyre is also meant to give suspension action enabling you to ride on bad roads. These two processes have an effect on tire pressure and the overall lifespan of the tyre. In order to ensure that your motorcycle tyres last for as long as possible, you need to consider a few things.

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