Fast Healthy Meals That Saves You Money And Time With a Halogen Countertop Oven

Halogen turbo ovens are not just a swift method of preparing food, they also produce healthier meals. Thanks to the rapid cooking and convection fan, very little oil, if any, is needed to cook food in a halogen oven. It's possible to air fry French fries, breaded chicken and fish with no more than one teaspoon of cooking oil.This can be achieved simply by putting the items straight on to the wire racks, or special wire mesh baskets can be obtained. Food that has a high amount of fat in it naturally, poultry and roasting joints of meat for instance, can also be cooked on the mesh rack and the fat will drain away during cooking. The finished result is healthy food that is ready to eat fast and tastes terrific.

Eating A Healthy Diet

It's probably true to state that we are all very well aware of the necessity to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet nowadays. There has certainly been no scarcity of health education information, brochures and adverts on the topic. Having said that, recognizing that you need to do something and actually getting around to doing it are frequently two completely different things.

Lack of time is the problem more often than not. When you get home from a lengthy day at work, with a stressful journey at either end, you may not find the time, the energy or the notion to get creative in the kitchen. The temptation to haul something out of the deep freeze and pop it right into the microwave is strong - especially if you also have a couple of hungry youngsters to satisfy.

Halogen ovens cook food a lot quicker than standard ovens, nearly as fast as a microwave oven. The oven itself is also quite a bit smaller than a regular oven. The mixture of speedy cooking and much less space to be heated up means that halogen ovens use a lot less energy than conventional ovens.

Most suppliers claim an energy saving of about 75 % when compared with a typical oven. Cooking is one of the bigger elements of energy consumption in the average family residence, so a reduction of that magnitude is definitely satisfying. You can cut energy, spend less money, be environmentally friendly and get delicious food at the end!

Halogen ovens have a lot to offer. They let you cook healthy meals remarkably swiftly and they can save you money at the same time. They look like a large glass bowl, normally about 12 liters in volume, sitting in a plastic frame and with a plastic cover on top.

The plastic cover houses a halogen light bulb which serves as the heat source. It also houses a small fan which is utilized to circulate the hot air inside the glass bowl so as to make sure that the food is uniformly heated. Finally, on the outside of the plastic cover, there are the controls.

These are simple to use, you just have to select the temperature, set the timer, and after that you can go and get on with something else. Your halogen oven will turn off on autopilot whenever your meal is cooked.

Microwave ovens use electromagnetic radiation to bombard food and heat it up by exciting polarized molecules throughout the food. They are primarily utilized for heating up already cooked food, and they will not give you nice crisp pastry or roast a turkey in a cosmetically pleasing manner. You also cannot use metallic containers or cooking foil in a microwave oven.

Regardless, they warm food up very rapidly which is something that is very convenient for time starved modern-day cooks. Their modest measurements means that they can fit comfortably onto a kitchen work surface. Prices for microwave ovens have dropped significantly over the past few years and they are now very cheap. Their ease of use, compact size and low cost means that microwaves can be found in almost all modern kitchen areas.


Microwave ovens are an absolute godsend in any modern-day kitchen. You really must wonder how people got along before they became available. The majority of people simply use their microwaves for heating food up as opposed to cooking, but that's still an incredibly useful amenity.Getting something from the freezer to piping hot on a plate in the space of a few minutes is incredibly convenient for a lot of us, but there's no requirement to give up quality for rapidity. Warming up a nice healthy meal that you've prepared yourself is totally different from using your micro to heat up a pre-packed, frozen TV dinner, which will be full of all kinds of unknown preservatives.

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