Baby In Rear Facing Safety Seat Survives Terrible Auto Crash

In further evaluations released on Amazon in recent weeks, numerous parents have been highly recommending the Freddie and Sebbie backseat infant mirror to others. One 5 star accessory review says: "Love this mirror! It's large enough so that I can see most of my little guy in his infant safety seat. The mirror is lightweight however not cheap feeling, and I like the fact that the image is not cockeyed like in some other mirrors I've used. I would certainly recommend this product to other moms and dads!" While Amanda Lynnon states in her 5 star evaluation: "Love this mirror! Secure, easy installation, sits at an angle for a simple adjustment for the very best view. Very lightweight and the ideal size! I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for a sincere and impartial testimonial, but would not have an issue to buy another one at the full price in a heart beat."

Freddie and Sebbie Backseat Baby Mirror

The accessory has currently gotten 254 Amazon confirmed consumer reviews, with 215 being maximum ratings, offering the infant mirror a mean average 4.8 star rating. Freddie and Sebbie main spokesperson, Mr Neil Speight, states that they were incredibly pleased with all the feedback given by clients. He added... "We had actually plainly seen a gap in the market for a luxury backseat infant mirror, and are so grateful to our manufacturing team for permitting us to supply parents having a baby sat rear-faced in a safety seat, with the ideal solution to put their minds at ease while driving."

Another optimal score rating by Erika L Kiah says that this baby mirror is best. She adds... "I was given one that had the lights. Wish I was able to recall the name, however it was horrible, never got it at an angle where I could see the infant and the reflection was deformed and bad. This Freddie & Sebbie mirror is ideal! The reflection is crystal clear, the fact that you can pivot the mirror enabling you to get the ideal angle. My kid is 1 now and will be rear faced at least for another year, so I was after something where I could see him on car trips and things like that, especially if he has snacks or a sippy beverage. I presently have it on the middle headrest in my Avalon, with it perfectly angled to see him in his seat on the passenger side. The straps enable you to get a really tight fit, and it was an extremely basic install, taking under 2 minutes."

According to the authorities spokesperson, Patel was turning a left-hand curve in his 2003 Toyota minivan in a westbound direction, when his car unexpectedly crossed into the eastbound lane, which resulted in a head-on collision with a 2011 Ford Focus. Authorities state that no charges have actually been filed, though detectives are still checking out the tragic incident.

Car seat

In a recent five star confirmed Amazon consumer evaluation for the Freddie and Sebbie back seat mirror, Julie Williams says... "I bought this to make use of for when I babysit, and have to deliver my grandson. 30 years ago, my infant's safety seat faced forward, so I had no trouble ensuring he was okay, however not so in 2015 with rear-facing safety seats. This mirror is exactly as explained, so without any doubt, with all the products on the marketplace for infants nowadays, this is among those "why didn't I think about that?" must haves!"

Freddie and Sebbie business co-director, Neil Speight, has actually described how they have turned into one of the first stores to offer this baby seat device on Amazon, stating... "We were able to introduce the child mirror on Amazon in early November 2014, in the nick of time for the brand-new regulation changes this year. The initial response by customers has actually been outstanding, with the product receiving over 250 client testimonials, most of which have been 5 star rated ratings. As a company we are pleased to have actually developed a device making the choice of keeping children rear-facing longer, an easier one for parents to take, and an even safer decision for a kid's security in the event of a traffic accident."

Driving baby blind is no longer an issue for American moms and dads with infants sat in a rear faced safety seat, thanks to the launch of the Freddie and Sebbie car baby mirror, according to what's being said by consumers on Amazon in their product score evaluations. In recent feedback offered by Philip, who offered an optimum 5 star rating, which states... "You can now watch on your valuable cargo at all times." He adds... "This accessory is great! If you resemble me, you start to fret when your child in the back seat suddenly becomes silent. Normally it is simply due to the fact that they have actually dropped off to sleep or are simply amusing themselves, but my mommy impulse constantly makes me think the worst. This mirror resolved that problem and helped to put my fears at ease. It attaches to the rear seat facing towards the infant, that way when you look in your rear view mirror you really get an ideal view of your precious cargo, making this accessory a fantastic gift for any mommy to be!"

Lots of parents who have bought the device on Amazon have commented about just how much the backseat baby mirror has changed their lives. In a recent 5 star product testimonial, Amazon verified customer Graham N. states the mirror is nice and safe, by placing the straps around the headrest. He adds: "The articulating pivot has about enough flex to angle back towards our child safety seat. Other brand names we bought were too versatile, and would need to be altered regularly. Oh, and for other first time parents with SUVs, who aren't understanding where to put this thing, the concept is to install the vehicle safety seat in the center, while fixing this child mirror to the far headrest. Then it's simply a matter of angling it so an infant can be seen while gazing in the rear-view mirror. Hope that is of help for some other sleep denied parents!"

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