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You understand that wholehearted commitment is like an inescapable signal to your logical mind that you are resolute about fulfilling your purpose. And if the Oneness accepts you are focused on your ambitions, your creative mind starts to function in an unexpected way and produce unexpected opportunities in your life and thereby propel you towards your outcomes more simply and efficiently than you can even imagine.

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There seems to be a prevalent view among researchers into the techniques of mindful creation that expectation is the least powerful of the universal systems. I actually don't agree with that, and I happen to believe this supposition or opinion has continued to be propagated is because anticipation is more challenging to identify. It's almost always confused in some people's thoughts with the idea of acceptance.

The third essential element of co-creation is knowing the nature of expectation.

Despite the critics, the doubters, and the cynics, manifestation and creation are without question a real phenomenon, because so many people testify to their success.

Undoubtedly, desire is the essential emotional energy linked to the simple act of conscious creation.

For sure, if you're aiming to manifest something in life, or to achieve a particular outcome, as set out in the best-selling book The Secret, there are various parameters which must always be brought into the equation.

But most people look for more answers. Is this our greatest hope for explaining how thought and feeling control manifestation? I'm talking about the idea that energy and matter are the same thing. You've probably heard atoms and energy are, at the point of creation, only different according to the means of viewing them. As a result, a lot of the "thought formers" in our world accept our conscious minds can actively impact objects and events.

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Perhaps the fact is, we should see willingness to receive graciously as a necessary precondition to starting the universal grace of conscious creation. That's because, you you need to be able to unreservedly receive the any objects, places or people the divine produces for to you. The Universe is never inconsistent and will not produce something unless the prerequisites which apply to any or all Laws of Creation are met. Opening to take the circumstances that the divine is prepared to manifest for you implies your belief is resolute and strong, so that synchronicities may start to appear. It may be that the most frequent reason why creation does not work is because people do not really feel that the universe will produce things for them.

The next necessary part of consciously creating the world around you is expectancy and expectation.

What's next? In addition to belief, you need intense and fervent desire for some particular outcome! Therefore, you need an important improvement in one or more areas of your life.

There's widespread agreement that when you are endeavoring to attract your wishes, or to create reality with the Law of Attraction, as explained in the book and film of The Secret, there are a number of antecedents which must always be brought into the equation.

Maybe this is an impossible paradigm for you to accept. Sure: you are free to choose, just as we all are. And yes, I know whay you may have doubts - this is far-out. Those are very necessary responses, and lack of certainty is completely normal and understandable as a feeling. And is it possible, do you think, that we deny our nature when we materially affect the discovery of our human nature and all it entails, manifestation included.

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