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International speaker Andy Shaw said... "The question is, if you can determine what you prefer, then which one of the A-Z success stoppers list will you fall at?" Andy then began to rattle off the list of things that generally avoid individuals from getting the success they should have, with examples like "no confidence to interact with others and network," or "cannot take the risk," and the issue of "no cash to set up venture."

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Five years ago a lot went on in the life of UK business owner Andy Shaw, who was all of a sudden left broke following the failure of the worldwide banking system. He has openly mentioned on his blog site that on Dec 20th 2009 he was left broke owing millions to creditors, according to the last creditors report. He also said: "Before that, things had actually been quite respectable, and I even had a possibility to sell off 50 % of one company to a bank for something in between 7 and 9 million pounds sterling."

The video then reveals numerous stills of the even scarier situation Andy envisages in five years time for students that do not make the necessary modification, such as a possible divorce, a health condition, losing out on children growing up, much more anxiety, and still searching for a magic escape. He then paints the picture about how a life might resemble five years from now, based upon the life of somebody from the bug free mind community. He states... "Economically, you're be far better off. You will most likely be financially free, or finally closing your monetary dreams. You may even have actually already made them, and set brand-new dreams, and be working on those instead." Andy concludes by stating that now is the very best time to change, and the right time to have a bug free mind.

Andy explains that all the wise-men and prophets have actually stated that for a total fulfillment in life it's necessary for us to understand exactly what we desire, while understanding it would be a rough trip to conquer exactly what's most likely the greatest afflict in the world. Andy states that the issues begin when an entire stack of reasons come to mind about why it's not going to be possible to make it really occur.

The best selling author of "Using A Bug Free Mind" discussed how essential it was to have the right frame of mind to start with in order to achieve success. He added... "If you are able to conquer your ego's insistence to draw you away from discovering exactly what you really want from life, then you will need to conquer all of the barriers before you are able to move on. By doing this, your success becomes certain! A buddy stated to me in January 2011, " Andy, how can you really know your success is certain." So, I told him it truly was a done deal. I hadn't discovered at that time ways to verbalize as well as I do now, since I 'd determined what I wanted, I had actually been able to conquer all of the frame of mind challenges, and afterwards was able to develop the strategy to execute my dream into my life, which in my own words is Success Made Certain."

Andy additionally quoted Albert Einstein, who once said..."The definition of insanity is doing the very same thing over and over again, and anticipating a different result." Andy adds... "Yet, this is exactly what 99.999 % of the population really do. Everybody who is not living the life that they truly want is mainly unconscious, which does not indicate that you are lying on a health center bed in a coma. It just suggests that you are not in charge of your life. You are just following the direction of your conscious mind or your very own self-ego. In other words you have the auto-pilot setting turned on, however have forgot to set the final destination. You are in a routine or viscous cycle, and unless this cycle is broken, then absolutely nothing shall ever be different."

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The path to ending up being financially free has a precise beginning point, according to Andy, who states... "Everyone who is not living the life they prefer, is predominantly unconscious, and permanently in a "waking" sleep, just doing the regular routine that has actually become their life." He explains that the first step to take for taking control of our life is to recognize that we are operating on auto-pilot, almost all day, every day, and we are not in control of our lives, it's time to take back control over our life again, though he does admit that it's rather scarey stuff.

A Bug Free Mind claims to have the answer to change a life for the better, and in a recent video published on Youtube, best selling author Andy Shaw has offered a quick peek into someone's future, exposing a specific road to riches, a path he says that his international students from over 110 different countries are currently on. . Throughout the podcast Andy says... "Do not ask yourself for the cost you would place on the value of the life you have right now, as a better question would be, what value would you place on the life you really want to have. Just ask yourself one single thing. If you really live for the next 20 years, would you be any further forward than you are right now, or would you still have the exact same life as you do today, feeling dissatisfied, simply searching for the next glossy object, and never in fact getting any genuine changes."

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